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L​ocal & independent

We believe that a robust local economy hinges on a collective commitment to generating and recirculating revenue in the communities where we live and work. As an independent organization with a dedicated team comprised of your neighbors and friends, we work together every day to be a homegrown office supplies company you can call on – and know we’ll be there.


Woman owned

Under the direction of our fearless leader, Rose Molz, we are a woman-owned company with a guiding philosophy that everyone deserves a seat at the table. With compassionate integrity, we extend rewarding employment opportunities to all who share our vision of a society where equity reigns.



As a socially responsible company, we seek partnerships with local vendors whenever possible to minimize the distance your supplies must travel from their manufacturing plant to your office. We also provide easy access to affordable and high-quality eco-friendly office supplies that are hard-working, yet gentle on the environment.


Our passion for preserving our planet’s resources extends to the free and low-cost recycling programs we offer to help your company minimize your carbon footprint. Whether it’s Styrofoam, office paper, ink cartridges and toner, office furniture and even tennis shoes, we offer convenient office pick-ups to make your contribution to Mother Earth easy.


It’s our honor, privilege and duty to grant our resources to support service organizations who work to help our community thrive. Those with a mission to heal, feed, protect, preserve, teach and empower serve as the foundation of our company purpose, and inspire our day-to-day operations.


Producer of productivity

While our nine-to-five hours are dedicated solely to office supplies, we know yours are not. That’s why we make ordering and working with us quick, easy and hassle-free so you can be productive in getting what you need and getting on with your day.



Our inherent tree-hugging nature compels us to infuse sustainable practices into the heart of everything we do. From powering our business on 100% wind to delivering your office supply orders in reusable and recyclable tote bags instead of boxes, you can count on us to do our part to preserve our planet for the next generation.


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