Why EarthChoice Paper

Domtar's EarthChoice for Your Office

Proactive. Progressive. Productive.

With their line of EarthChoice papers, Domtar doesn’t just talk about the things they stand for, they work hard to make them everyday realities. That’s why you always hear EZ Office Products say; “When it comes to paper for the office, we’re a Domtar house.”

As the largest integrated manufacturer of uncoated free sheet in North America, Domtar Paper is also an industry leader in Sustainability. EarthChoice tells the best story about Sustainability in three simple points:

  • Less expensive to manufacture
  • Sells at a lower price point
  • Minimizes the carbon footprint

Advantages of the Paper — Quality and Performance You Can Trust

Domtar EarthChoice is an extensive line of proven, quality papers that responds equally to the needs and realities of both business and conservation. Few environmental papers approach Domtar EarthChoice in so many key criteria. The fact is, Domtar EarthChoice excels on every critical front, including:

  • brightness
  • sheet formation
  • ink holdout
  • longevity and runnability

Competitive pricing further secures Domtar EarthChoice as the environmental paper of choice.

Domtar's EarthChoice for Corporate ResponsibilityAdvantages for Corporate Responsibility — High Standards, Realistic Framework

Domtar EarthChoice makes it easier for corporations to adopt more responsible, social and environmental policies and practices, in turn, protecting and enhancing their brands and reputation. Domtar EarthChoice allows essential company materials to be printed on environmentally responsible paper, with none of the compromises associated with traditional environmental papers. From brand-conscious, high-profile pieces, such as annual reports and brochures, to everyday business materials, this first-rate paper will proudly reflect both brand image and a commitment to sustainability.

Read the full story of Domtar EarthChoice®, High quality paper with a conscience


Domtar EarthChoice® Office Papers

Domtar EarthChoice Office Paper is an everyday, dependable paper for all office printing and copying. It’s engineered to run smoothly on a wide variety of printing equipment and guaranteed on all high-speed copiers and laser and inkjet printers. Domtar EarthChoice Office Paper is a multifunction paper that meets the global forest management standards of the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) and is Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Domtar is pleased to make an annual contribution of $350,000 to the World Wildlife Fund from the sale of EarthChoice papers to support WWF’s mission. Domtar EarthChoice Packaging


Wt Color Size Sheet Count Brightness Item Number
20lb White 8.5 x 11 5,000/CT 92 DOM2700
20lb White 8.5 x 11 3HP 5,000/CT 92 DOM2701
20lb White 8.5 x 14 Legal 5,000/CT 92 DOM2702
20lb White 11 x 17 Ledger 2,500/CT 92 DOM2703

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