EZ Office Products

Business Checks

EZ Office Products has next-day shipping for business checks offering three levels of security based on your business’ custom needs.

Business Checks

EZ Office Products has a complete selection of computer checks for your business. Our checks offer three levels of security, countless options and have been tested to be compatible with the most popular accounting software programs. Few businesses can operate without business checks – imagine running out of checks on payday! Depend on EZ Office Products to ship your order next day when you approve your design by 12:00 CST.

Summary of our Checks Security

  • Good Essential Checks: Standard security for business with low risk of check fraud (lattice background without VOID pantograph, marble background or wave background)
  • Better Classic Checks: Extra protection with checks that are more difficult to replicate or manipulate (herringbone background without VOID pantograph or marble background)
  • Best Premier Checks: Drastically limit any opportunity for fraud with top-of-the-line security features (prismatic cube design or thermochromatic* ink design)