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Are you a New Berlin-based business in need of office supplies and office furniture? Do you want to support a fellow Wisconsin business with a reputation for stellar customer service? Look no further—we are a local provider of office supplies and office furniture based out of Wisconsin’s capital city. By doing business with us you’ll not only help the local economy, but you’ll find a trusted partner and office supplies provider you can rely on for years to come.

Below, you’ll find more information about the services and products we provide, resources to help you boost your business, and the New Berlin businesses we’re already partnering with.


Located right on the border of Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, New Berlin is home to just under 40,000 residents. This charming suburb has earned a spot on Money magazine’s best places to live in the United States in 2017 and was named Wisconsin’s safest city by SafeHome.org. While New Berlin is just a quick drive away from Milwaukee, it holds its own with an active business community, historic landmarks, and plenty of exciting amenities for residents and business owners alike.



Offering top-quality office supplies is what we do best! In our extensive online store, you’ll find everything your company needs to operate on a day to day basis, from paper supplies, staplers, and pens to computer and laptop accessories. Don’t have time to unpack your purchases and stock up your supply room? Don’t worry! In addition to delivering to New Berlin, we’ll also stock your shelves for you and keep track of the supplies you have on hand. Expect a handy reminder when it’s time to place another order. We take the guesswork out of office supplies shopping and stocking so you can focus on the work that matters most — it’s just one of the many ways we go above and beyond in serving our customers.


We can help you design an office space that best suits your business’ needs, as well as help you pick out the furniture to go into that plan. We offer a wide variety of office furnishings from sitting-standing desks and ergonomic furniture, to breakroom and conference room furniture and storage options. Our high-quality office furniture offerings will help make your team more comfortable and more productive. And the best part? We won’t just deliver your items to New Berlin - we’ll assemble your furniture for free as well.


Whether you’re planning on renovating your current office space or are looking to set up shop in a new location in New Berlin, our office space planning services can help! We’ll ensure that the layout of your new workspace is optimized for efficiency and productivity using computer-aided design (CAD), as well as the goals and requirements of your unique business. This service can help make your ideas a reality, or even come up with a brand-new way to utilize your space that you haven’t thought of.


Our supply offerings don’t end with the items your team uses to work – we’ve got you covered on the products to keep your office clean and running smoothly as well. From trash bags and trash cans, to cleaning supplies for your breakroom and bathroom, if you can name it, we likely have it. We also have a wide range of eco-friendly office cleaning products as well, so you can protect the planet while keeping your workspaces tidy and sanitized.


A malfunctioning printer is the last thing you need during a busy day at the office. You can count on our team of repair technicians to save the day with our same-day printer repair and regular maintenance services. We’ll be at your door in New Berlin before you know it, ready to get your printer working again so your business can continue as usual.


Make your workspace a warm and inviting place for both employees and customers with our selection of office wall art and office décor. We’re passionate about protecting the environment, so we’re also proud to offer a line of eco-friendly art created with sustainable materials and shipped in recycled packaging. Check out our office art and décor products and give your office a fresh new look today!


Whether you have a big event coming up or just want to offer your customers and visitors something to remember you by, we’re ready to meet all of your custom and personalized office supplies needs. Our product line ranges from wearable products including T-shirts and jackets, to items your customers will use all the time, such as water bottles and mugs. We’re also here to help if you need vinyl banners, signs, name badges, stamps, embossers, and more customized with your logo and business name. Make your business well known in New Berlin and beyond with our personalized products!


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