Office Ergonomics 101

Did you realize that workplace-related musculoskeletal problems are the leading cause of employee injuries?

Ergonomic office furniture and ergonomic supplies are designed to fit the shape of the human body, its movements and its cognitive abilities to help you work better. The simple, literal definition of ergonomics is the science of work. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that it’s unhealthy to be in a position for 40 or more hours each week that causes pain in your back, neck, shoulders or wrists.

That pain is an alarm going off in your body to notify you that something is wrong. If you ignore that alarm, those aches and pains can even lead to long-term disability. Instead of accepting pain as a normal part of your daily work routine, take some time to figure out what ergonomic office furniture and supplies are the best fit for you.

Also, keep in mind that study after study has shown that comfortable employees are more productive employees. Ergonomic office furniture not only helps to relieve pain, but it improves communication, accuracy and efficiency. If you look at it from a dollars and cents standpoint, the money you leave on the table due to a lack of productivity probably far exceeds the cost of ergonomic office furniture. And can you really put a price tag on long-term health and well-being?

Create an Ergonomic Office Space

EZOP puts an array of ergonomic furniture and office supplies at your disposal. Wait, did we say ergonomic office supplies? We did indeed. OSHA tells us workplace-related musculoskeletal problems are the top cause of employee injuries, so along with ergonomic chairs and keyboards, it behooves you to think about ergonomics even when ordering correction tape.