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  • Employees feel valued and gain a sense of increased loyalty
  • 63% of people view coffee as an energy boost
  • It takes 4.6 minutes to get coffee in the breakroom vs. 14.9 minutes every time an employee leaves the office
  • If an employee leaves once every day they would spend 62.75 hours a year getting coffee!


Why Good Coffee in the Office is Good for Productivity

When someone rolls into work 10 minutes late every day because they simply had to stop and wait in line for an extra large cup of coffee, it doesn’t just annoy the boss and co-workers who got to the office on time. It adds up to about a half of a day per month of that employee getting nothing accomplished. It means starting each day by playing catch-up. It’s a productivity killer.

When employees complain about the stale coffee in the ancient coffee pot and fight over who should actually make a new pot, it hurts morale. They start their day in a bad mood and have trouble focusing on the task at hand. It’s a productivity killer.

It takes an employee about three times as long to leave the office to get coffee than it does to get coffee in a breakroom. It’s a productivity killer.

Employees feel valued when gain a greater sense of loyalty when they’re provided with simple office perks like quality coffee. That’s a productivity booster.

According to research conducted at the Medical University at Innsbruck, Austria, caffeine in coffee – enjoyed in moderation (two cups), of course – improves short-term memory, reaction times and endurance, and can help to alleviate the effects of stress by eliminating the hormone responsible for irritability. That’s a productivity booster.

A study at the University of Lisbon showed that drinking coffee can help to prevent the neural degeneration associated with brain disorders and aging. That’s a productivity booster.

We rest our case.

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