How to Clear Your Cache In Your Web Browser

What is “Cache”, what does it mean to “Clear My Cache”, why should I “Clear My Cache” and most importantly, “How Do I Clear My Cache?

Our intention here is to help our customers understand the importance of clearing their computer’s cache to keep it uncluttered and thereby helping to optimize visits to our online web store as well as any other site. We do not intend to make this too technical or complicated. For more detailed info, use your favorite search engine or ask your point person in IT who manages your computers.

Definition: “Cache” is temporary storage space on your computer’s hard disk where previously viewed web pages are held. Cache allows you to quickly load a previously visited web page without having to reload the page and its images from the web server on subsequent visits. Cache is pronounced: /kaSH/ (or cash).

When you launch the Internet you do so by clicking on your “web browser” of choice. The browser is the means by which you enter the World Wide Web and get in to the Internet. For example, popular browsers are Internet Explorer (a Microsoft Windows browser); Firefox (a Mozilla browser); Chrome (a Google browser); Safari (an Apple browser best used with Mac products). But there are several others and many people have more than one browser downloaded for use. Usually a person or company will gravitate toward the browser with which they’ve become most familiar or comfortable.

If you are on the World Wide Web (the Internet) and are having trouble accessing a specific website or a website isn’t working the way it did the last time you visited — could be your bank, might be your Facebook account, maybe it’s your email or it could be any number of websites including the EZ Office Products online store — the most common cause is that the data running the site you are visiting has been updated or changed but your computer’s “cache” is pulling old information stored on your computer from your last visit. And it’s the old outdated cache that is likely the culprit causing your snafu.

Think of too much cache, or overflowing your cache, kind of like overfilling the transmission fluid in a car. It can lead to erratic gear shifting and other problems. Overfilling cache on your computer can lead to erratic pages on the web. Maybe not the best analogy, but regardless it’s an excellent best practice to clear your cache (browser history) regularly. The reason you should clear your cache is because your browser will function much better on the websites you visit! It will be grabbing the most current site information. To clear your cache means to get rid of the old and bring in the new.