EZ Office Products

History and About Us

Welcome to EZ Office Products

EZ Office Products, award recipient of Madison Magazine’s and Live at Five’s Best Places to Work, has grown to be the leading, most accomplished, independent locally owned office supply company in the greater Madison area.

With more than five decades of combined industry experience, EZ Office Products has developed a sharp eye for how big-box stores swindle businesses—small and large—into paying more for office supplies, furniture and technology products. All the while, these businesses believe they’re getting great prices. By leveraging technology—beyond Internet surfing—and focusing on the unique needs of your business, we help you improve spend-management, reduce costs and achieve efficiency.

Get to Know the Owners

Rose has been Gary Molz‘ partner in life since 1999 and in business since 2003, and aspires to always be a true partner in both realms. She and Gary both love business, love to work, and love talking about their business – how to do things better and make customers happier. After her first date with Gary, Rose says she was interested in a second date because, “He was the first guy who didn’t say I worked too much.”

After graduating from the UW-Madison, Rose put her plans for law school on hold – too many loans and no money – and went to work for Rayovac in 1987, beginning in customer service and eventually leading a new sales division selling batteries and flashlights to office supply resellers. A customer, the largest national wholesaler, hired her in 1993 as regional director of customer services, a job she says was very cool – like being the center of a wheel. She was liaison to all of the company’s service departments, first in the Southwest where she was based out of Dallas, then on the East Coast based in Philadelphia.

The best part, says Rose, was her boss, Stan, a terrific mentor. “He taught me so much about people and life, not just about the job,” she says. “He’s retired now and rarely does a day go by that I’m not reminded of something he taught or told me. I miss him terribly. My tribute to him is to one day be for someone else the same kind of mentor that he was to me.”

Rose’s favorite quote comes from her mentor: “You can have your say, but you can’t always have your way.” At first it made her angry to hear it, but, she says, “The more you grow, the more you realize how true it is. It’s one of the best lessons in learning good teamwork.”

Rose officially joined BF Molz in 2004 as a sales manager responsible for both Wisconsin and the East Coast. As the market developed, she and Gary started looking for new opportunities and decided to move to Madison. Within a couple of years, she’d like to see EZ Office Products become the trusted office products supplier for small- to mid-sized businesses.And besides, says Rose, “during the thirteen years I was away I always missed my family, but I didn’t realize how much I missed Madison – the people, beauty, the atmosphere and the safe community.” She’s passionate about giving back to the community. “I’d like to help young people grow into adulthood and develop into good businesspeople and managers, to pass on some of the good training I was blessed to receive,” she says.

“The environment is also one of the most important things to our future, and like many others in Madison, I’d like to find practical ways to preserve and improve it. Another priority for me is finding a cure for cancer, especially breast cancer, since it runs in my family and I have eleven nieces.

“If I can make a small contribution in these three areas, I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something,” says Rose.

Gary loves to trek through Wisconsin’s beautiful state parks, although the Grand Canyon is the most spectacular spot he’s hiked (so far). He’s motivated by his desire to serve others, and demonstrates that passion through his active involvement in many community organizations. His favorite quote is from Matthew 23:12, “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

Gary was the first employee at BF Molz, his family’s New Jersey-based office supply and furniture company, starting at age 13 and eventually rising to president. His father was a wonderful mentor and teacher, and Gary has always admired him for starting the business despite lacking any formal business training. The family learned together and built a thriving business, and in 2006 Gary and his partner in life and work, Rose, again started from scratch, launching EZ Office Products here in Madison.

As far as Gary’s concerned, the best aspect of his role as EZ Office Products’ vice president is the diversity. One minute he’s loading a truck, the next he’s meeting with the mayor, the governor, or any number of world-class businesspeople. He’s dedicated to providing customers the kind of value rarely available anywhere, in any field. Gary is also committed to contributing positively to quality of life for EZ Office Products employees, customers, and the community.

Meet Our Office ExperTS

If you’ve called us on the phone, communicated by chat, or sent us an e-mail, you may have experienced the pleasure of interacting with Bonnie Conway, one of our customer service extraordinaires. Bonnie joined the EZ Office Products team in 2011 bringing experience from various companies as an administrative professional. 

Bonnie is on the front-line when it comes to providing prompt and courteous service to customer questions and requests. She strives to learn something new every day that will enable her to better serve our customers. She is a key voice at EZ Office Products to both internal and external customers as well as our vendors. While she never knows what her day will bring, she can assure that it will be lively, fun, and keep her on her toes. All of these things are why she loves her job.

Dave Ott installs furniture, makes deliveries, and is both a salesperson and single parent. Though much of his work history focused on the internal side of organizations (warehouse management and operations), he is an extremely talented salesperson, having received expert training in the art of negotiation from his daughter.

Dave loves the challenge of his professional career, but his higher aspiration is to be “father extraordinaire” in the eyes of his daughter. His favorite quote is from none other than Dr. Seuss: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Dave joined EZ Office Products after working nearly twenty years assembling and installing office furniture along with his warehouse and operations background. He’s the in-house expert when it comes to floor plan reconfiguration for clients. After so many years of hands-on experience, we’ve dubbed Dave our “go-to-guy.”

Dustin Morfey serves a key role as one of our Delivery Service Representatives. Dustin joined EZ Office Products more than four years ago after relocating from Colorado where he worked as a physical therapy aid and personal trainer. His ties to Wisconsin began earlier when he studied business at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

Dustin starts his day by loading our trucks with orders placed the previous day. Once loaded and neatly organized, it's time to hit the road and get needed merchandise in the hands of our customers. While on route, he answers customer questions that arise and also picks up product returns & items that are recyclable and brings them back to the warehouse for processing. Dustin finishes his day by picking orders to prep for tomorrow's route, which gives him an idea of what his tomorrow has in store for him. He tells us that one of his favorite parts of his job is interacting with customers face-to-face even during the cold winter months!

Greg Gottschalk has that gift so many of us covet—the ability to balance work and home. By day he does an excellent job running sales and operations for EZ Office Products (along with personally watching over some favorite accounts he opened when EZ Office Products first started). He’s also a board member for the Northside Business Association and an ambassador for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce. By night he’s a loving husband and father of two. Greg's favorite quote is by Clarence Thomas and is one he’s often overheard telling his children as well as applying to sales: "Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot."

Greg Gottschalk might tell you that impatience is one of his weaknesses, but we recognized it would instead serve as a strength when we brought him and his twenty-one years of diversified industry experience in to get EZ Office Products on the road and flying in fifth gear. The way he cares about other people is genuine. Greg is the extreme extrovert among our bunch and helps keep us social, with his outgoing behavior, enthusiasm and friendliness toward others. He’s hailed as our "great communicator" and without him EZ Office Products wouldn’t exist today.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” That quote is owed to Mother Teresa, the Nobel Peace Prize winner beatified by Pope John Paul II. She’s an inspiration to Marilyn.

It’s fortuitous, yet fitting, that some time back in the early ’80s Marilyn picked up a nickname that’s held on through today. Back then she’d come home from work, and her two older boys and their buddies, all still in high school, would either be hanging out in the yard or down in the basement listening to music. (Loud rock music, as Marilyn tells it.) With her ever-ready smile, she’d greet them: “How you boys doing?” Her sons’ friends would say, “Your mom’s always smiling,” or “Your mom always seems so happy when she sees you.” One day her sons’ friends dubbed her “Smilin’ Marilyn,” and she’s been called Smilin’ ever since.

Marilyn joined EZ Office Products part-time after retiring from her 21-year career as bookkeeper and bean counter for Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association. She possesses the three essential and treasured traits we need for her role as A/P, A/R, and payroll expert: accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness! As a consummate organizer, she makes it all seem so easy. And that has us all smiling.