• How to Save Money on Postage

How To Save On PostagePostage Saving Envelopes

The envelopes you choose can Save You Money in Postage Costs based on the USPS Shape-Based Rate Structure

  • The USPS now calculates shipping costs with a shape-based  rate structure
  • Shape-based Mail rates rely not only on the weight, but also on the size and shape of items to be mailed
  • Up to 3.5 oz total weight, not to exceed 1/4” thick nor 61/8“ x 111/2”, may still be considered “standard mail” and may not be subject to as great an increase in postage as larger size envelopes or ‘flats’
  • Postage costs can be greatly reduced by changing from a flat mailer to Quality Park’s Postage Saving mail size envelopes, which can still be classified at the less expensive letter rate
  • Quality Park’s Postage Saving envelopes are specifically designed to perform while holding extra copies and weight.
  • They feature  heavy weight  sub 28 paper and a large flap with extra adhesive for a secure mailing experience

Follow these tips and use the Quality Park or our Business Source envelopes below to help you save money on postage.

  • Downsize your mail. For flat mailing weighing 3.5 ounces or less, your business can save by folding the contents to fit booklet envelopes.
  • Use a #6 5/8 envelope (dimensions 6″ x 9-1/2″) or a #10 1/2 envelope (dimensions 4-1/2 x 9-1/2″).
  • Use ClearClasp™ envelopes that feature Resealable Redi-Tac technology on the closure to save on postage.
    • Unique resealable closure replaces the metal of the standard envelopes
    • Eliminates the additional USPS handling charge required for metal clasp envelopes
    • Easy to use and last longer than traditional metal clasps
Item# Description
QUA 90060 #10-1/2 (4-1/2 x 9-1/2), Regular, 500/BX
QUA 90062 #6-5/8 (6 x 9-1/2), Booklet, 500/BX
QUA 90063 #6-5/8 (6 x 9-1/2), Window, 500/BX
BSN 42252 #6-5/8 (6 x 9-1/2), Booklet, 500/BX
QUA 43468  6″ x 9″ ClearClasp Resealable Redi-TacClasp Envelopes, 100/BX
QUA 43568  9″ x 12″ ClearClasp Resealable Redi-TacClasp Envelopes, 100/BX
QUA 43768  10″ x 13″ ClearClasp Resealable Redi-TacClasp Envelopes, 100/BX

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