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Creating a Green Office Space

Go green at the office with these simple tips.

The great thing about greening your office is that the steps you take to create an eco-friendly workplace are so simple to implement, and most of them allow you to operate more efficiently and save money!

It all starts with paper.  Remember, the greenest form of paper is no paper at all.  Eliminate paper files.  Invoice clients and pay your bills digitally.  Show digital presentations to your clients.  Use direct deposit.  Distribute memos, handbooks, HR materials or any other paperwork digitally.  When you do use paper, there are plenty of recyclable options, and make sure you print on both sides.

We sell eco-friendly office supplies and paper products.

When it comes to paper for the office, EZ Office Products is a Domtar house. Domtar is an industry leader in sustainability, and EarthChoice Paper by Domtar is less expensive to manufacture, sells at a lower price point, and minimizes the carbon footprint.  At the same time, EarthChoice Paper excels in brightness, sheet formation, ink holdout, longevity and runnability.

Use recyclable paper in the kitchen, bathroom and cleaning supply closet, too.  Just remember, even recycled paper wastes a lot of energy, water and chemical resources in its processing.

We also offer SPLOX Eco-Friendly Office Paper, the most advanced paper handling system to date. Its breakthrough design combines ergonomics and efficiency to save your company time and resources.

SIX simple ways you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

You can get empowered with these six “can-do’s” – simple action steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Do all six, or do just one or two.  Either way, you’ll make a big difference!

  1. Buy renewable energy
  2. Improve energy efficiency
  3. Install solar
  4. Reduce car emissions
  5. Plant trees
  6. Conserve water

Contact us to help you create a more eco-friendly office space and get empowered!