• More Reasons to Buy Local

Learn Why Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, and Other Big Box Stores Eliminate Jobs in Our Community

Do you know what the Big Box Swindle is? Why can’t you take advantage of the sales tax Geoffrey loophole? Were you are aware that a new Wal-Mart store opening eliminates 180 more jobs than it creates? Have you thought about why city/town planners and officials are responsible for the epidemic of dark malls? Learn how the Big Box retailers spoof you into thinking their prices are lower across the board than they actually are, with their sophisticated strategies of “signposts” and “blinds.”

From The Ashes of the Crash: Rebuilding the New Economics
by Stacy Mitchell   October 2009

Scattered here and there, the seeds of a new economy are taking root…Support for independent business is on the rise…Corporations want desperately to turn the local economy movement into nothing more than a cheap marketing trick they can use for their own gain. This new variation of corporate green-washing is called “local-washing”. Question: “Will it backfire on corporations?” Clearly, corporations are spending exorbitant amounts of money as they detect a sizeable shift in public attitude about where we should buy. Unfortunately, we have made rules that privilege the global over the local and have undermined our own democracy. Let’s externalize the logic of corporations and embrace a vigorous anti-monopoly policy, Let’s adopt planning policies that support local economies and channel our investment capital in directions that nurture community and rebuild our local economy.

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