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Spring is in the air. And, with spring comes spring cleaning. Genuine Joe Cleaning Products are low-cost quality cleaning products that are perfect for helping your employees get their office space in tip-top shape this season. Did you know … a good spring cleaning can improve your employees’ productivity and bring life to your office space? The hardest part about spring cleaning is getting started, but, our three tips can help.


  1. Dedicate a Day and Time. Pick a date and time for your office spring cleaning and send an email out to all employees letting them know of “Employee Spring Cleaning.” Make it a fun event by encouraging them to work together. Fridays work best for office spring cleaning days.
  2. Do the Pen Test. Start your spring cleaning with getting rid of unnecessary pens. Draw lines on paper to see which pens work and which pens don’t work. Then, introduce the pens that don’t work to their new friend – the recycling bin. (We recycle pens!) Encourage your employees to do the same.
  3. Gather Cleaning Supplies. Assess what you and your employees will be needing for office spring cleaning. Make cleaning supplies such as the ones below, easily accessible for Office Spring Cleaning Day.


Genuine Joe Cleaning Products

GJO 24080

Genuine Joe Household Paper Towels have two layers per sheet (2 ply) that facilitate fast spill pickup and greater liquid capacity. They are great for use in the kitchen, break room, bathroom, or anywhere else that needs a quick clean up. Each carton comes with 20 rolls in white, each with 80 sheets per roll at 9” by 11”.

Item #: GJO 24080

GJO 22700

Genuine Joe Hard Wound Roll Towels are ideal for high-traffic restrooms. They come six in a carton. Each roll is 7.88” x 800 ft, and white. Due to size, these paper towels cut down on maintenance and labor savings. Add these towels to your restroom for employees to clean their hands with after they are done with their spring cleaning.

Item #: GJO 22700

GJO 01535

Genuine Joe Heavy Duty Trash Bags are three times more puncture resistant than standard trash bags. These trash bags are sold 100 per box, are 33 gal. and 1.50 mil. thickness. Dispose of your paper towels and other unnecessary items in these reliable trash bags.

Item #: GJO 01535

GJO 02312

These Genuine Joe Kitchen Trash Bags are 13 gal. bags that are 24” x 31” and 0.80 mil. thick. They are low density and come in white. We sell 150 per box.

Item #: GJO 02312

GJO 10359

Get your dishes sparkling clean with Genuine Joe Dishwashing Detergent. This liquid solution has a fresh smelling lemon scent. Genuine Joe Dishwashing Detergent is great for all types of dishes, pots and pans. Plus, it generates suds to leave your dishes film-free.

Item #: GJO 10359

GJO 02105

Genuine Joe Liquid Hand Soap will keep your employee’s hands clean and soft. It’s a high-foaming soap with a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. This one gallon bottle includes soap that’s pink.

Item #: GJO 02105

GJO 10361

This Genuine Joe Concentrated Citrus Neutral Cleaner is a must have all-around cleaner that will leave surfaces smelling great. It can be used on walls, floor surfaces, desks, sinks, furniture, cabinets and painted surfaces. Plus, it won’t harm glossy floors. 1 gal. bottles available.

Item #: GJO 10361

GJO 54201

This Genuine Joe Cotton Wet Mop with Handle is ideal for light damp mopping or heavy duty scrubbing. It includes 24 oz. absorbent, 4 ply and a cotton mop head. Plus, it’s sturdy and lightweight.

Item #: GJO 54201

GJO 60466

The Genuine Joe Splash Guard Mop Bucket/Wringer is the perfect companion for mopping. This 6.50 gal. yellow bucket and wringer has a built in splash guard system and the international sign for “caution” on both sides of it, so your employees will know the floor is wet.

Item #: GJO 60466


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