7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Thoughtful ways to spread holiday cheer around the office.

Considered by many as the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season is often an opportunity to show appreciation and compassion for others. While family and friends are close to your heart, this festive season of giving can also extend to your trustworthy coworkers who lent support – and perhaps some levity – to your days at the office. If you would like to show appreciation to your officemates, consider these work-appropriate holiday gift ideas for coworkers that won’t break your holiday budget:

  1. Mouse pad
  2. Baked goods
  3. Custom stamp
  4. Donation collection
  5. Desk calendar or planner
  6. Workload assistance
  7. Coffee mug

Keep reading to learn more about each of these festive gift ideas.

  1. Mouse pad Fellowes Photo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest | Item # FEL9549901

A mouse pad is a low-cost holiday gift idea your coworkers will find useful and thoughtful. Whether it’s a solid color, patterned design, or features stock imagery, choose a unique design that matches your coworker’s personality and existing desktop décor. When selecting a mouse pad, think also about your coworkers’ habits and preferences. Do they spend a lot of time at their computer? Consider a style with a built-in wrist rest for more comfort. Do they love furry friends? Opt for an animal design along with a small donation to the Dane County Humane Society in their name. If they’re environmentally-conscious, go green with an eco-friendly mouse pad made of post-consumer recycled materials.

  1. baked goods

If your coworkers have a sweet tooth, consider making homemade goods such as muffins or cookies to warm their hearts – and bellies – this holiday season. These triple chocolate-hazelnut cookies are sure to please any chocolate lover, while this cranberry-walnut quick bread is a healthy alternative to the abundance of festive sugary sweets. Sharing one of your favorite time-honored treats from your family collection is another way to pass on the spirit of the season. Wrap up your culinary creations in festive tins, cellophane, or an air-tight container and deliver to your team with the recipe as the bow on top.

Hosting an office potluck? Find more holiday recipes that you can whip up for your coworkers here.

  1. custom stamp Trodat Prinity 4913 Custom Stamp | Item # TRO-4913_PINK

Was your coworker recently promoted? Help them make their new title official with a custom signature stamp they can use to make an imprint on important work documents. From address and monogram to date and logo stamps, you can create a personalized gift to bring in the New Year in as little as three easy steps. You can also show your support with custom breast cancer and military stamps to help fund breast cancer research or Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

  1. donation collection

‘Tis the season of giving, so why not create a donation drive or start a company fundraiser for a cause close to your coworkers’ hearts? Perhaps someone on your team is battling an illness, has a family member serving in the Armed Forces overseas, or is passionate about a certain non-profit organization. Gathering office-wide support through collections of funds or in-need items can make this holiday season one to remember. Not only will donation recipients benefit, but research also shows that charitable giving increases life satisfaction as well as feelings of joy and contentment for the giver.

Continue the gift of giving all year long with more ways to give back to your community here.  

  1. Desk calendar or planner 2019 At-A-Glance Monthly Desk Pad | Item # AAG89802

A desk calendar or planner can help keep your team organized throughout the year. To personalize it, flag special days throughout the year, like your coworkers’ birthday or anniversary. Another thoughtful way to customize this gift idea is to write motivational messages on Mondays to help inspire them to start the week off ready to tackle any project that comes their way. Check out these inspirational Monday quotes for ideas.

  1. workload assistance

Another holiday gift idea for your coworkers is to give them your time. Do you have a coworker leaving for a winter vacation? Ask to assist with any lingering work tasks before they head out. They’ll enjoy well-deserved time away while feeling assured that important tasks won’t fall through the cracks during their absence. Or perhaps you notice someone at work carrying a heavy load this holiday season. Drop a quick email or pop by their desk to offer suggestions for ways you can help ease their workload. Whether it’s dropping the mail at the post office, running a report, or calling the vendor to confirm holiday office party plans, lending a hand to help them check off a task on their to-do list can be a priceless gift during this time of hustle and bustle.

  1. hand-decorated coffee mug DIY Chalkboard Mug | Photo credit: DIY Candy

Feeling artistic? Your coffee- and tea-loving coworkers will surely enjoy a customized hand-decorated coffee mug for their desk. All you’ll need to create this DIY gift for your coworkers is a blank glass or ceramic mug and oil-based paint pens, nail polish, or acrylic paints. You can even use chalkboard paint and write an erasable message. Just tuck extra chalk inside along with candy canes, holiday-themed pencils, or colored paperclips for an extra special touch. Find out how to make a DIY chalkboard mug, plus get a few other decoration ideas here, including dishwasher-safe options!

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