Meet Our Newest EZ Office Products Employee: Jason Spink

Meet the newest EZ Office Products employee, Jason Spink! Jason attended the Madison Area Technical College and ran his own taxidermy business before joining EZ Office Products. We’re excited to have him join our fleet of delivery service drivers, and for our customers to get to know Jason.

A Typical Day at EZ Office Products

Jason joins us as a Delivery Service Representative. He typically starts the day by filling orders that processed late the previous day. Once that’s done, Jason begins loading the truck for the day’s deliveries and goes on his route. When finished, he returns to the EZ Office Prod headquarters to return and fill orders. In his short time at EZ Office Products, Jason says he’s enjoyed being part of a team and building relationships with customers during deliveries. He strives to do the best that he can and says that he appreciates being a part of a growing organization.

Outside of Work

Jason specialized in taxidermy of birds and fish, and continues to do this as a hobby. Jason is passionate about the great outdoors, and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing. His favorite parts of Madison are all of the lakes and the Henry Vilas Zoo. Jason also enjoys beekepping, and hopes to one day have his own land for all of his outdoor activities. When not exploring the great outdoors, Jason enjoys watching Star Wars and James Bond movies, along with Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory. Save