Meet Our EZOPeop: Marilyn Gottschalk, Accounts Receivable

It’s a blessing to get to work with people you truly love. Who would’ve guessed that more than five decades ago there was an amazing woman who gave birth to one shy, black-haired, barely 6Lb baby girl screaming with colic? (I know she had the desire to send that baby back from whence she came.) Then, life slipped along and one day she found herself calling her daughter ‘boss’. Meet "Money Marilyn" Gottschalk, one of our finest and very first EZOPeops. Best of all, Marilyn is my mother. She fills our role in accounts receivable along with other accounting responsibilities and considers her work a “retirement job”. Her prior career was working as a Fiscal Assistant for the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association located on the square here in Madison for over 25 years. Get to know what Marilyn enjoys both professionally and personally.

At Work

Marilyn joined EZ Office Products when we launched the company in 2006. She processes our accounts receivable — receives checks, processes credit cards, confirms ACH payments, applies credits, reconciles customer accounts and handles government-mandated requirements with sales tax and payroll liabilities. Her typical work day includes responding to emails, processing A/R responsibilities, and double-checks that accounting records are kept current. She also keeps Rose in check.

Her favorite part of the job is getting to greet everyone. Marilyn says that; "Just coming to work at the young age of 80 keeps my brain working like I'm still in my 40’s."

Out of the Office

While at work, she may be called "Money Marilyn", but at home her three sons and their buddies gave her a nickname that has stuck since the '80s — Smilin' Marilyn — because you'll always see a warm smile on her face. She is quite the bookworm and enjoys reading everything related to history, social, and political issues. She made sure her children knew how important it is to be able to to read, learn new words, and develop a good vocabulary. For those looking for a new read, she recommends “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by John Boyne; “Dark Money” by Janie Myer; “JFK & the Unspeakable” by James W. Douglass; and “Lilac Girls” by Martha Hall Kelly. Her favorite part of living in Madison is our parks. Marilyn recommends Tenney Park and Cherokee Marsh. Unbeknownst to many, Marilyn has always had a passion for music. She plays the piano and loves to sing. Her lifelong dream was to become a singer. Instead, she raised five kids who gave her twelve grandchildren and four great-grandchildren (to date). In response to whether or not Marilyn had a hidden talent, she said, “I’m an excellent gardener and I could add flaxseed to any food dish and make it taste…edible.”