Meet Our EZOPeop: Dustin Morfey

If your business is not on his route, it's likely you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Dustin Morfey, one of our Delivery Service Representatives. Dustin joined EZ Office Products more than four years ago after relocating from Colorado where he worked as a physical therapy aid and personal trainer. His ties to Wisconsin began earlier when he studied business at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Here’s more about Dustin’s role at EZ Office Products along with what he enjoys when he's not working.

Dustin’s Typical Day

Dustin starts his day by loading our trucks with orders placed the previous day. Once loaded and neatly organized, it's time to hit the road and get needed merchandise in the hands of our customers. While on route, he answers customer questions that arise and also picks up product returns & items that are recyclable and brings them back to the warehouse for processing. Dustin finishes his day by picking orders to prep for tomorrow's route, which gives him an idea of what his tomorrow has in store for him. He tells us that one of his favorite parts of his job is interacting with customers face-to-face even during the cold winter months!

Outside The Office


Dustin is a family man and adores his wonderful wife, Michelle, and their three gorgeous girls (ages 5, 3, & 10 months). Spending time with them is his favorite thing to do. Dustin's favorite hobbies will find him enjoying all of the outdoor activities Madison has to offer. He loves riding his road bike in bike-friendly Madison and usually bikes to work, regardless of the season! But, getting off the beaten path and jumping on his mountain that's a real fav for Dustin. He will get exercise with every opportunity that presents. Oh. And he is phenomenal at grilling. Dustin’s two biggest goals are to pay off his house by the time he turns 45 and bike-pack through the Colorado Trail.