The Recurring Life Cycle of a Recycled Cardboard Box

Cardboard is one of the most frequently used materials around the world. Estimates reveal that over 80 percent of all food and products sold in the United States are packaged in cardboard, which amounts to about 100 billion boxes used per year. With cardboard and paper contributing to 41% of solid waste streams and using up to 1 billion trees each year, there is something we can do with all that cardboard to help protect our natural resources: recycle it.

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7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

One of our holiday gift ideas for coworkers is a hand-crafted coffee mug.
While family and friends are close to your heart, this festive season of giving can also extend to your trustworthy coworkers who lent support – and perhaps some levity – to your days at the office. If you would like to show appreciation to your officemates, consider these work-appropriate holiday gift ideas for coworkers that won’t break your holiday budget.

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3 Ways Recycling in the Workplace Can Be Good for Business

Recycling in the workplace may lead to increased employee morale.
Whether it’s at home or work, any recycling effort helps cut back on landfill-bound trash, preserves natural resources, and gives commonly used materials a new life. If your desire to protect the environment is motivating you to adopt a recycling program at work, you may be surprised to learn of other valuable impacts that may be equally appealing.

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Can Washroom Soap Make You Sick?

Purchasing the right soap for your washroom can make a big difference. Visit our online store to shop GOJO Industries, Inc. products and more today.

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5 Benefits of Collaborative Office Spaces

One benefit of collaborative office spaces is that it encourages teamwork.
Collaborative office spaces include open areas that allow teams to share ideas while also providing space for focused work. This popular workplace style is gaining traction in both large and small office settings across the country because of its many positive benefits. If you are wondering whether collaborative office spaces are right for your business, consider these five reasons to make the change.

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Are Terms of Endearment at the Office Considered Workplace Harassment?

Imagine you’re having a typical workday: answering emails, scheduling meetings, and performing other routine job responsibilities. Then, one of your colleagues who you don’t know very well asks for help with the copy machine. As a gesture of gratitude, they respond by saying “thanks, honey.” How would that make you feel?

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