Did You Know?

National Preparedness Month: Create Your Business Disaster Plan

How prepared is your business for whatever Mother Nature throws at you? September is National Preparedness Month, according to FEMA . While in the heat of the moment your first concern is about you and your own family’s safety, it’s also important to expect the unexpected at your facility. With Hurricanes Harvey & Irma fresh in our minds, it’s important to take this time to assess your own emergency preparedness plans, and prepare for the unexpected.

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[Infographic] In the Workplace: Safety by Numbers

2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries were reported by employers in 2015, according to OSHA. June is National Safety Month, and there’s no better time to look at the state of workplace safety. Here are some statistics that may surprise you about the different types of workplace injuries, and who is most at risk. Want to reduce the number of injuries caused by musculoskeletal disorders?

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Get Started With Creating An Eco-Friendly Office

How much of an environmental impact does your office leave? Going green not only saves the environment, but can also improve the perception of your business. A case study conducted by Triple Pundit showed that Honda’s sales improved by 28 percent after they were able to implement a green initiative for their vehicles. No matter what you sell, here are some tips on how to become an eco-friendly office.

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