Staples Vice Chairman Just Unloaded His Stock

July 2, 2011 | Written by Rose in WATER COOLER TALK

The other day, Vice Chairman of Staples Inc (SPLS) John Mahoney just sold 150,000 shares of his own SPLS stock (June 28, 2011). Not only that, but Staples chairman and CEO Ronald Sargent sold 325,000 shares a few days earlier. Recently Staples had a flourish officers and directors dumping some of their shares as stock prices plunged.

Could it be that our beautiful country is finally recognizing the true cost of mega-retailers and pure e-tailers that “local wash“. (Local washing is the new variation of corporate green-washing.) If true, then I believe consumers and businesses are becoming more aware of how these companies have been the instrumental driver in the degradation of our communities across the country. God Bless the intelligent American.

Rose Molz, President

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