Water Cooler Talk

January 18, 2011 | Written by Rose in WATER COOLER TALK

It’s not news how quickly gas prices are soaring. Next in line…possibly copy paper. We often don’t realize how much the cost of fuel affects the cost of so many other things. Take copy paper. Not only does it cost money to do the obvious – transport copy paper to it’s desired destination – but the energy to produce the paper is pricey. Copy paper pricing is driven by the mills that produce it. Therefore, a fluctuating cost of fuel results in how much the price of the paper is actually going to be. Maybe some of you have inquiring minds like me (and you like EZ pictures). Here’s a schematic I found showing how paper is made. (Wood > Pulp > Fiber > Paper). Take advantage of EZ Office Products’ copy paper as low as $26.99 while supplies last!

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