• Marilyn Gottschalk


Marilyn Gottschalk, Accounts Receivable

Marilyn Gottschalk, Accounts Receivable

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” That quote is owed to Mother Teresa, the Nobel Peace Prize winner beatified by Pope John Paul II. She’s an inspiration to Marilyn.

It’s fortuitous, yet fitting, that some time back in the early ’80s Marilyn picked up a nickname that’s held on through today. Back then she’d come home from work, and her two older boys and their buddies, all still in high school, would either be hanging out in the yard or down in the basement listening to music. (Loud rock music, as Marilyn tells it.) With her ever-ready smile, she’d greet them: “How you boys doing?” Her sons’ friends would say, “Your mom’s always smiling,” or “Your mom always seems so happy when she sees you.” One day her sons’ friends dubbed her “Smilin’ Marilyn,” and she’s been called Smilin’ ever since.

Marilyn joined EZOP part-time after retiring from her 21-year career as bookkeeper and bean counter for Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association. She possesses the three essential and treasured traits we need for her role as A/P, A/R, and payroll expert: accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness! As a consummate organizer, she makes it all seem so easy. And that has us all smiling.

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