• Greg Gottschalk

Greg Gottschalk, General Manager

Greg Gottschalk, General Manager

Greg Gottschalk has that gift so many of us covet—the ability to balance work and home. By day he does an excellent job running sales and operations for EZ Office Products (along with personally watching over some favorite accounts he opened when EZOP first started). He’s also a board member for the Northside Business Association and an ambassador for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce. By night he’s a loving husband and father of two. Greg's favorite quote is by Clarence Thomas and is one he’s often overheard telling his children as well as applying to sales: "Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot."

Greg Gottschalk might tell you that impatience is one of his weaknesses, but we recognized it would instead serve as a strength when we brought him and his twenty-one years of diversified industry experience in to get EZ Office Products on the road and flying in fifth gear. The way he cares about other people is genuine. Greg is the extreme extrovert among our bunch and helps keep us social, with his outgoing behavior, enthusiasm and friendliness toward others. He’s hailed as our "great communicator" and without him EZ Office Products wouldn’t exist today.

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