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Rose Molz’s career in the office supply industry got underway in 1991, a few years after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, when she began selling Rayovac products to independent office supply dealers.

Gary Molz’s career in the office supply industry got underway at the age of 13 when he began working at his father’s company, BF Molz, in suburban Philadelphia.  Let’s just say that was a long time ago.

Rose and Gary met in 1997.  Gary was a client of Rose’s, which is why she declined his first invitation for dinner.  But, like all great love stories, it was meant to be, and they were married in 1999.

Rose and Gary settled down in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, working at BF Molz.  They were both very happy, but Rose still missed Wisconsin terribly.  When visiting family, Rose would take Gary around Badger country to her favorite restaurants, old hangouts and her college campus.  She pointed out to Gary that it was a shame that there was no independent office supply company in Madison anymore.  That’s when the wheels really started turning.

Rose always dreamed of returning home, and an opportunity seemed to be presenting itself.  What if she could create an alternative to the big box stores?  What if she could create a local, independent office supply company that reflected her values, the same values shared by BF Molz, by earning people’s trust the old-fashioned way – with honesty, great products and fair prices?

After hiring Lindsay, Stone and Briggs, a highly regarded a local market research company, to conduct an in-depth analysis of the business climate, Rose and Gary opened a branch of BF Molz in Madison and delivered their first case of copy paper in July of 2002.  Greg Gottschalk, a 20-year industry veteran, joined as general manager and helped them get the division up and running.

But Rose only had one foot back in Wisconsin.  Rose and Gary still lived in suburban Philadelphia and constantly flew back and forth to run the business.  Finally, in March of 2005, they completed a business plan and made the decision to launch their own independent office supply company.

By Thanksgiving, they were living in Wisconsin permanently, and on January 1, 2006, Rose and Gary began operating independently of BF Molz.  EZ Office Products was born.

Today, EZ Office Products partners with more than 300 vendors and has 30,000-plus in-stock items strategically distributed among 36 warehouses.  They’ve grown by following a simple approach: earn each customer’s confidence and trust, one by one, by offering great products, fair prices and genuine, friendly service.

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