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EZ Office Products is one of the national customer service points that power Point Nationwide. Together, we provide a new model in business-to-business sales of office products, one that elevates service to a high level by putting customer requirements first. We call it 2PL (two-party logistics).

Point Nationwide knows firsthand the frustration customers feel about office products and is committed to replacing the old with the new: pricing integrity; performance quality; elimination of hassles; and personal and customized service.

We achieve this through our national customer system featuring a centralized product line, customer service and account implementation. Our family of dealers, called Customer Service Points, covers the U.S. with the passion and skill of experienced businesses that put relationships first.

We back up our commitments—always—with essentials like competitive pricing, a state-of-the-art web store, and customer focused reporting and controls. Point’s website allows customers to emphasize their important products, whether contract, environmentally friendly or from diverse suppliers. We believe we’ve created the easiest-to-use website in the business. You have options and you have flexibility … the point is, it’s yours. And you don’t pay more for our kind of service.

While others say no, here’s the point about us: The answer is yes. Now what’s the question?

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